Avidea is leveraging innovations in polymer–drug conjugate (PDC) technologies to usher in an era of safer and more effective ‘precision immunotherapies.’

Our approach

Many promising immunotherapies inadequately reach target tissues leading to dose-limiting toxicities and low efficacy. Avidea’s PDC platforms address this challenge by shielding drug molecules during transit through the body and targeting them to specific cells where activity is needed. What distinguishes Avidea’s PDCs is that each enables precise and truly unparalleled control over key parameters that affect safety, efficacy and manufacturability

Modular design

for rapid hypothesis testing and hit-to-lead

Uniform nanoparticles

with programmable, high drug loading (up to 60%m/m)


to specific tissue and cell populations not limited by antigen expression

Controlled drug release

for improved therapeutic index

Avidea's PDC platforms


  • Modular vaccine capable of co-delivering any antigen(s) and immunomodulator(s) in self-assembling nanoparticles with precise size and composition
  • Most efficient T cell priming platform reported to-date
  • Applications: cancer, autoimmunity and infectious diseases



  • Synthetic, virus-sized star polymer combines direct tumor killing with immune stimulation, akin to oncolytic viruses, without the drawbacks
  • Dual responsive properties for targeted accumulation and selective drug release in tumor
  • Applications: metastatic tumor targeting



  • Nanoparticle formation occurs after injection thereby trapping drug in tissues where it is needed
  • Reduced dosing frequency enabled by low viscosity (< 100 cP) of highly concentrated (> 100 mg/mL) drug in nanoparticles (~ 50 nm) retained at injection site
  • Applications: retains drugs in the eye, CNS and joints