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Avidea Technologies has developed a suite of synthetic chemistry tools for the design of next-generation vaccines. Our modular approach to vaccine design enables:

  1. rapid product development by screening a range of product concepts and materials

  2. superior immune responses through precise, atomic-level engineering of each component

Nano-scaffold - We utilize fully-customizable, biocompatible polymers as scaffolds for the delivery of vaccine components to antigen-presenting cells. In addition to controlling the length and charge-density of the scaffold, we can introduce temperature-sensitive blocks that drive spontaneous particle assembly at defined temperatures.

Linker group - The spacing of linker groups along the polymer backbone is optimized for each application, for example, B cell receptor clustering. The linker group can also include components that are degradable under specific conditions in vivo, allowing for spatio-temporal control over the activity of the small molecule immuno-stimulants.

Immuno-stimulant - A variety of immuno-stimulants, such as Toll-like receptor agonists, are used to polarize and control the generation of antigen-specific immunity. The immuno-stimulants are covalently-linked to the scaffold, preventing their release into the systemic circulation and the accompanying 'flu-like' symptoms that can occur with competing adjuvant systems.

Antigen / ligand - Protein/peptide antigens or targeting ligands are attached using site-specific linkers. Our approach to attachment allows protein immunogens to remain in their native conformation, which is critical for conserving key B cell epitopes to elicit optimal antibody responses.

Tunable polymer architectures


Avidea Technologies specializes in vaccine customization. We use several polymerization techniques to synthesize nano-scaffolds with unique chemical and physical properties and combine these with an array of spacers and immuno-stimulants to generate a library of vaccine architectures that elicit different types of immune responses. With this approach, Avidea designs vaccines and immunotherapies tailored for each clinical indication.