Enhancing efficacy:

The immune system is composed of multiple cell populations that are distributed around the body. Effective immune responses require that the appropriate immune cells are stimulated at the right place and at the right time. Our technology provides optimal immune responses by ensuring controlled delivery of immune-stimulating therapies, such as vaccines, to the appropriate cell populations within specific body tissues at the right time. As different diseases require specialized immune responses, our versatile nano-scaffolds offer a modular platform that can be precisely tuned to meet the specific needs of each application, what we call 'precision immunotherapy.'


A new standard in safety:

Vaccines must stimulate immune cells to become activated to mediate an effect, however, these therapies can cause side effects ("flu-like" symptoms) if the location of immune cell activation is not controlled. Avidea's nano-scaffold vaccines prevent immuno-stimulants from reaching the systemic circulation and instead deliver these components to exactly where they are needed: lymph nodes. This provides improved potency while reducing any potential side effects of the vaccine.

Improved manufacturing:

Many companies have adopted pre-formed nano-particles as their approach to vaccine delivery, but pre-formed particles are difficult to reliably manufacture and have problems with stability. To solve this problem while retaining the immunogenic properties of nano-particles, Avidea's vaccines are designed to remain fully water-soluble during manufacture and storage but are engineered to self-assemble into nano-particles at either defined conditions in vitro or after injection into the body.